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Sophie Neuenmuller

A17 Sophie Sophie in her original outfit

A17 Sophie 2 Sophie in her second outfit

A17 Sophie 3 Sophie's 3D model

Japanese Name ソフィー・ノイエンミュラー (Sofī Noienmyurā)
Birthday 16 (Atelier Sophie)
20 (Atelier Firis)
Occupation Alchemist
Height 154 cm (5 '​0 '​ '​)
Weapon Staff
Appears In Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book
Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey
Musou ☆ Stars
Atelier Questboard
Voice Yuuka Aisaka (Japanese)
Christine Marie Cabanos (English)

Sophie Neuenmuller is the protagonist of Atelier Sophie: The Alchemist of the Mysterious Book and a character in Atelier Firis: The Alchemist and the Mysterious Journey.

After her parents' death, Sophie lived together with her grandmother who was an alchemist and learned very basic alchemic skills from her. After the death of her grandmother, Sophie makes it her goal to become an alchemist who can be relied upon just as her grandmother was, yet at the start of Atelier Sophie is relatively inexperienced and without any renown as an alchemist.

After creating her first batch of a common medicine in the beginning of the game, Sophie writes down the recipe in an empty reference book left behind by her grandmother. When she returns to the Atelier, the book has come to life and introduces itself as Plachta. Plachta becomes Sophie's mentor, and the player has to discover and write down various ideas the player collects into the book to restore Plachta's lost memories of the secrets of alchemy.

Sophie eventually develops the ability to hear the wishes of alchemy materials.

Role in Atelier SophieEdit

Sophie is the player character in Atelier Sophie, and as such, she cannot be removed from the party. In addition to having an infinite equipment cost, Sophie is the only character able to equip accessories that change field conditions, such as items that influence gathering rates or enemy aggression.

In the DLC episode, Sophie realizes that she and Plachta don't experience the world the same way because of Plachta's body being that of a doll. Because of this, Sophie reassumes her once failed plans to turn Plachta human. She also decides that she take on the alchemist exam in order to walk in the footsteps of her grandmother. The journey to where the exam is held is very long, but she takes it as an opportunity to collect the materials needed to create a fully human body for Plachta.

Role in Atelier FirisEdit

Sophie is now in the middle of her journey to take the alchemist exam. She visits Firis Mistlud's hometown Eltona during the journey, blasting the gate open with a bomb. This is how she first meets Firis. Hearing about Firis' special power, Sophie comes to believe that she has a talent for alchemy and becomes Firis' alchemy teacher. They soon part ways once Firis begins her journey, but Sophie leaves her with the Atelier tent.

A18 CG 1

Firis' first meeting with Sophie and Plachta

She can be faced in battle during the alchemist exam, and later joins the party after the player has passed said exam.

Sophie misses Firis very much during their separation. The reason she joins Firis on her journey to find her path in life is because she wants to be a proper teacher to her student, as well as she simply wants to travel together with Firis. She's also very protective of her status as Firis' teacher.


Sophie is the only character in Atelier Sophie who can equip items regardless of equipment cost. Later in the game, there are healing and offensive items that can only be equipped by Sophie.


  • Aura Blitz - Costs 7 MP. Offensive. Magic Damage. Single enemy.
    • Launches a magical projectile at the enemy, dealing low damage.
  • Aura Field - Costs 20 MP. Defensive. Buff. All allies.
    • Reduces status ailments for up to three turns and increases defense.
  • Aura Break - Costs 20 MP. Offensive. Magic Damage. Small Area.
    • High chance of Breaking enemy. Low damage.

Appearances in Other MediaEdit

Musou ☆ StarsEdit

Stars - Sophie

Sophie as she appears in Musou ☆ Stars

On September 26 it was announced that Koei Tecmo would be creating a massive crossover Warriors game featuring 10+ of their IP's, from classic Koei Games, to Tecmo IPs, and even Gust IP's. Sophie Neuenmuller was one of the characters shown in the initial announcement trailer.

The story takes place in an alternate world that relies on a miraculous spring to sustain itself. The King who could control the spring's powers suddenly perished, leaving the world in turmoil. The Queen told her daughter to summon otherworldly heroes to save their land, with Sophie being one of them, but the attempted summoning malfunctioned and left them scattered in different areas. Eventually, other members of this royal family are deemed eligible for the throne, dividing all the heroes into three warring factions.

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