Travel Time to Area: 7 Days

Iksel Event: Some Egg

Area Name Travel Time Main Ingredients Enemy Alerts Notes
Mountain Wolf Habitat 1 Day Gravistone, Stim Stone Mountain Wolf
Primal Bird Nest 3 Days Hiding Cloud, Cotton Flower Primal Bird TreasureAlchemy Candy (60)
Caution Area 2 Days Quake Crystal, Gravistone Chimera Hawk
Sunny Crystal Area 2 Days Sunny Crystal Mini Demon, Mountain Wolf Bomb: Leads to Sunny Crystal Harvesting Points
Demon Snow 3 Days Metal Ore, Star Piece Mini Demon
Snow Stone Area 2 Days Snow Stone Fresverg (Strong) Treasure: Ingot (Silvatite (80)

Bomb: Needed to access Escalario
Treasure: Escalario / Blitz Symbol (60) (Replace Escalario)

Dragon's Lair 3 Days Star Piece, Original Gem Mountain Wolf Treasure: Ingot (Silvatite) (80)

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