In Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky, properties are used on items, weapons, accessories, etc... to create powerful effects which can be useful in fights. However, some of the properties, such as the various "Souls" found in relics, and more powerful properties can be quite expensive and the player might not be able to get the properties he/she wants to keep. This guide is shows just how to create items that will increase the PP total to 99 so that the player can keep the properties he/she wants.


The first thing the player needs to do is go Item Gathering for a specific soul called, "Traditional Soul", which increases the inherited PP by 30 when used in synthesis (Example: 41+30). Before you gather, you need to following:

  • Create a Dowsing Rod with property, "Amazing Relics".
  • Bring 4-5 Mysterious Lanterns with the 50% field event property. Increase the item count as high as you can.

Next, head off to the Lab of Eternity and get your field event gauge to 200%. You can this by various things by gathering and fighting monsters.

Afterwards, Save the game(in case you don't get lucky), then go to Lab of Eternity: Herb Garden with the 200% field gauge, activate a dowsing rod (The effect remains as long as you don’t leave the map), and select relic from field events and pick the tube, which should give you “Natural Extract”.

You’re going here is to gather as many of those without leaving the map until you get "Traditional Soul", which is why you brought many Mysterious Lanturns with you. You can head to Searing Wastelands and get the soul via Melty Metal or Zeigel Nugget relic, but the reason for collecting at the Herb Garden is the chance to collect other souls and useful properties while searching for "Traditional Soul".

PP MaximizationEdit

Note: Anything you craft at this point, try to use Quantity Lv.1, Lv.2 or both if possible.

Now after the player has returned with getting a Natural Extract with "Traditional Soul", he/she must now create the PP property, PP Maximization.

  • Craft a Magical Paint (Healing), but don’t keep any properties.
  • Next, make a Concealing Hood (Accessory) using Magical Paint to make it Lv.3. Afterwards, keep only Inherit PP+5 (the level 3 property from making it).
  • Make a Medical Solution (Alchemy). Use Trio Taun in Medic, Concealing Hood in Cloth, Distilled Water and anything you want for the 2nd thing. If everything goes right, this should create “PP Maximization”.

Super PP itemEdit

Now the last thing the player needs to now is bring all three properties, which is simple enough if done properly.

  • First, make a Neutralizer-G using Trio Taun and the Medical Solution. Keep PP Expansion and PP Maximization.
  • Now make a Moon Tablet using Neutralizer-G as Supplement, Natural Extract with Traditional Soul as Natural, a Corundum Stone and anything for Clay. You should at the very least be able to get Quantity Lv.1 + Quantity Lv.2 regardless of what you put as put as Clay. Keep Traditional Soul, PP Expansion and PP Maximization.

And there you have it. Altogether, these three properties provide an extra 58 PP, which is more than enough PP to use in synthesis. You can transfer these properties to other items such as:

Most importantly, the player must duplicate plenty of these Super PP items since they're going to be using them a lot. As long as these Super PP items are in the list of properties before synthesizing, the player shouldn't have to worry about not keeping any expensive properties that they want.

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