Tiffani Hildebrand

TiffaniTiffani's appearance in Atelier Rorona.

A12 TiffaniTiffani's appearance in Atelier Totori.

Japanese Name ティファナ・ヒルデブランド

Tifana Hildebrand

Age 23 (Atelier Rorona)
Occupation Shopkeeper
Appears In Atelier Rorona: The Alchemist of Arland

Atelier Totori: The Adventurer of Arland

Voice Oogaki Rika (Japanese)
Carrie Savage (English)

Tiffani Hildebrand is a character appearing in Atelier Rorona and Atelier Totori.

Tiffani is the owner of the shop R & T Sundries. A young and beautiful widow, Tiffani is highly popular with the male population of Arland, including Rorona's father (much to Rorona and Laura's chagrin). As such, her shop is often filled with men who are there as much to shop as they are to watch Tiffani herself.

Tiffani is a very helpful friend to Rorona and Totori, providing access to wholesale functions in addition to her stock of useful materials and sundries for alchemy.

Despite the fact that she lost her husband, Tiffani remains outwardly cheerful to her customers. However, she is unable to hold her alcohol very well. She is a drinking buddy of Esty Dee.

R & T's SundriesEdit

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Item Quality Stock Cost
Pure Oil 40 10 183
Healing Aroma 40 10 244
Healing Salve 50 5 223
Water 80 5 50
Candied Branch 60 10 30
Happy Cookie 50 10 300
Magic Grass 50 10 45
Mandra Root 40 5 36
Beehive 40 20 30
Eiche 30 10 20
Zettel 50 5 93
Uni 40 20 20
Sundries Book N/A 1 250
Plants & Ores N/A 1 1000
Bacteria & Food N/A 1 1500
Mysterious Tools N/A 1 2500
Arland Geography N/A 1 5000