Level 19 (Atelier Ayesha)
Type Slag
Health 165 (Atelier Ayesha)
Defense 16 (Atelier Ayesha)
Attack 21 (Atelier Ayesha)
Speed 18 (Atelier Ayesha)
Skills Power Fist, Iron Lump Throw (Atelier Ayesha)
Locations Riesengang-Lower, Glass Factory, Glass Factory-2F, Glass Factory-3F, Glass Factory-Core, Oesten Marshland (Atelier Ayesha)
"An aggressive slag. People see them pushing and rolling things around, but nobody knows why. They sure are strong though."
— Atelier Ayesha Description

The Tracker slag is a low/mid-level monster found in Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk. It first appears in the game when Ayesha explores the Glass Factory

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