A11 item 008
Synthesis Category Atelier Rorona
Food, Plant, Supplement
Atelier Totori/Meruru
Vegetable, Plant, Supplement
Gathering Location Atelier Rorona

Nearby Forest, Traveler's Way, Dark Woods, Night's Domain
Atelier Totori
Arland Area
Atelier Meruru
Endless Corridor, Verdure Forest

Buy From Atelier Rorona

R&T's Sundries

Uni is a material found in the Arland and Mysterious sub-series.

Atelier RoronaEdit

"Spiky thing found on the ground. It looks sorta like that thing you find in the sea. Use it to throw at monsters, but be careful when you grab it."
Atelier Rorona description

Uni's are a spiky fruit that can be harvested from various places in the world. They can also be purchased from Tiffani at R&T's Sundries. At the beginning stages of the game, they can be useful as a thrown weapon.

Unis are used more notably to make Mont Blanc, a high level healing item. Esty may request Unis at the castle as one of the available Front Quests.

Atelier TotoriEdit

"A spiky little plant found in the mountains and forests. It can't be found in the oceans, but it's not a chestnut so don't confuse the two."
Atelier Totori description


  • Arland Area (Uni Grove, Glass Rank)

Uni is used in the following recipes:

Atelier MeruruEdit

"I guess this is some kind of water creature in distant lands. But around here, it's just a spiky little plant found across mountains and forests"
Atelier Meruru descriptionUni's can only be gathered from Verdure Forest until the Endless Corridor is unlocked.

Uni is used to make Mont Blanc.

Atelier Sophie Edit

Atelier Firis Edit

Atelier Lydie & Suelle Edit

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